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Is YOUR Child Being Left Behind
...because of a lack of instructional supplies?

NCLB, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, provided for education reform, but not without controversy.
What do you know about the No Child Left Behind Law and the derivative Common Core?

NCLB: Yes it's still here, but it became a directive for education reform when it was signed into law (#107-110) by President George Bush on January 8, 2002. It was conceived and promoted by the [then] federal administration in Washington, DC. Intending to improve reading and math [test] scores at schools across the United States, the law re-authorized a number of federal programs targeted at education reform.

However, a variety of opinions, both pro and con, have been written about this landmark legislation. Both primary and secondary schools are now facing accountability tests that promise to leave no child behind - at least in "test scores" for reading and math. Parents are now provided with more information about the schools that their children attend. Parents are also being given more choice in where they may send their children to school.

The problem that arises is that these "test score" requirements seem to take resources from all the other activities needed for a well-rounded education.

Importance of Reading
The more you learn the more you will realize that success in reading is the key to success throughout your child's school career.
Student Wondering About Her School"Hmmm...I wonder
what went wrong
with my school.

Little things are
happening, like my
teacher running
out of art supplies
for our projects...

What's up with that?"

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If your school is falling short on helping children become proficient readers YOU must help your child get ahead by providing the right tools at home. What do you think?

Adequate Yearly Progress
NCLB requires States to maintain an [expensive] accountability system - tests, graduation rates, attendance, and other indicators. Schools have to meet adequate yearly progress (AYP) goals, as set by each state, by raising levels of achievement for subgroups of students such as minorities, special education, and those from low-income families, to a state-determined level. Every student must reach proficiency levels, as determined by the state in which they live, by the 2013-2014 school year. A planned and escalating form of "help" is provided to students in schools that continually do not meet AYP.

"A good storyteller never lets the facts get in the way."
(the late comedian, Dave Allen)

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*Budget cuts have forced many school children to "do without." Certainly, the economy has had a negative influence on school budgets, but the cost to comply with NCLB mandates may have hurt more.
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    As teachers, we experieced the shortfall in supplies and saw the additional challenges in instructional programs because of NCLB requirements. Please note that we may receive compensation, in the form of a small commission, should you choose to purchase any of the school supplies listed on pages of this website.

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